Traceability. Efficiency. Quality.

COOKO team on the ground in Cameroon holding cacao pod.

COOKO is using the power of supply chains to transform communities and environments. Our vision is to build sustainable supply chains everywhere empowered by transformative traceability technology, one agri-sector at a time, starting with the cacao industry.

Working with farmers for a better environment and equitable rewards

Revolutionising Cacao

COOKO is a radical new player in the cacao industry heaquartered in Berlin, with operations in Cameroon. By providing source traceability we improve the livelihood of farmers and secure agro-forestry landscapes.

The Source

“Cooko” means “Source” or “Wellspring” in the proto-Bantu language of West Africa. This reflects the spirit of the company. We aim to go to the source, to work from the ground up to improve the livelihood of cacao farmers.

Our key innovation changes the way that cacao is sourced. Not only does it provide a better quality bean, we also provide first mile traceability. This has been identified as the key factor in transforming the industry to a more sustainable and equitable economic force.

The farmer benefits: In one day they can make the money that would have required 10 days labour.

The industry benefits: International traders are increasingly frustrated with low grade cacao, contaminated with everything from stones to unfermented beans. By changing the first step in the process we lock the beans into a controlled refinement process.

The consumer benefits: When you see the source-fermented™ label, you will know that your cacao (or chocolate) has been equitably sourced.

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