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Our Process

COOKO has revolutionised the Cocoa Value Chain by introducing unique data embedded containers at the source. Our patented system is designed to intervene before defects arise, employing intelligent solutions that save time and money. 


By capturing the raw cacao beans at the point of harvest, we can ensure minimum contamination & maximum flavour development. Anaerobic fermentation starts almost immediately and makes up the first leg of logistics to the central station. This becomes a value enhancing process, rather than a process of quality degradation.

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Our methodology increases the lifespan of the cacao bean after it has been harvested, increasing the overall quality of cocoa produced.


Because COOKO’s unique process increases yield per area we are able to decrease deforestation in the vulnerable cacao-producing regions. 


Our unique process incentivises compliance by positively impacting the lives of cacao farmers through: Increased yields Shorter payment cycles Access to systems, such as credit and insurance which are vital to their sustained growth. 


The core technology can be scaled to other artisanally harvested and hard to trace commodities like coffee, shea, baobab, etc.


COOKO is born, tested and bred in Africa, to scale and operate in real world conditions. We understand the full cocoa value chain from bean to bar. 

“You’re addressing the thing that keeps us up at night”

Large German Chocolate Retailer

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