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About Us

Let's walk the first mile together

COOKO aims to revolutionise the cocoa industry by introducing a

multi-faceted solution that combines technology, community engagement, and infrastructure development. This isn't just about cocoa; it's a paradigm shift for West African farmers and traders, bringing them to the forefront

of the digital age.

Our Story

COOKO GmbH is a new player in the global Agtech space, providing incentivised 1st-mile traceability solutions for the agricultural sector.
COOKO is tackling a set of wicked and sticky – and thus complex and interrelated – problems in the food industry and across

Agri-sector supply chains, starting with cocoa. Right now, we’re on a mission to change the cocoa industry for good. But the vision is to catalyze a whole value chain step change. COOKO’s business model and solutions aim to revolutionize the industry’s environmental, social and economic impacts. 
COOKO is piloting an innovative solution to transform the initial cacao harvesting process. We provide embedded geolocation data and novel economic and supply chain models for improved farmer income AND cocoa quality. Ultimately, we are a tech company that had an amazing idea that will benefit artisanal farmers, the forest, agriculture, supply and value chains and gender equality.

Meet The Team

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